Efficiency of Environmental and Sustainability Management in Bulgarian Agriculture

Hrabrin Bachev(1),

(1) Institute of Agricultural Economics, Sofia, Bulgaria


The issue of assessment of efficiency of environmental and sustainability management in agriculture is among the most topical in the last few decades. In Bulgaria there are no comprehensive studies on efficiency of environmental and sustainability management in agriculture in general and in farms of different types. This article applies a holistic framework for assessing efficiency of environmental and sustainability management in Bulgarian agriculture. Initially the multi principle, multi criteria and multi indicator framework for assessing environmental and sustainability management in agriculture is outlined. After that environmental sustainability of Bulgarian agriculture at national and farms levels is evaluated. Finally, factors for improving environmental and sustainability management in agricultural farms in the country are identified. Our assessment at national and farm level have found out that there are significant discrepancies in efficiency levels based on aggregate national data and assessment (perception) of farm managers. Therefore, in management practices all kind of data have to be used in order to be able to take efficient decision at different managerial levels. Having in mind the importance of holistic assessments of efficiency of environmental and sustainability management in agriculture, and the enormous benefits for the farm management and agrarian policies, such studies are to be expended and their precision and representation increased.


environmental management, efficiency, sustainability, Bulgarian agriculture

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.35932/ijcsrem.v1i1.11


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